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What is a Field Services Provider?

Field Service Providers dispatch technicians to remote locations to install, repair, or maintain equipment or systems. They manage, maintain, and monitor these projects and assets under a predefined service, maintenance contract, or scope of work.

What Makes iDeploy Different?

Everything we do is based on a transparent, easy to understand process for our customers. We truly believe that to be a successful partner we need to do all the heavy lifting. From the moment our engagement begins, we want you to fully understand that your project is in good hands.


iDeploy’s entire philosophy, methodology, and core business processes are built upon our belief that what defines a "Best In Class" service company is more than just the end result. In addition to meeting our obligations,  we always endeavor to exceed your expectations. We overcome all unforeseen challenges along the way. For iDeploy, that means we utilize our vast experience and knowledge base to anticipate every conceivable failure or high-risk process point for each individual component of a service request or project deployment.


Each member of our team has been carefully selected based on their individual expertise and proven track record. iDeploy’s team is comprised of individuals that are dedicated to delivering best in class services while refusing to accept that failure is ever an option.



iDeploy Gets it Done

The Other Guys...

What differenciates us

What differentiates us from other companies is our dedication to quality assurance. Our team at iDeploy takes great pride in knowing that our customers are satisfied with our "Best in Class" service that is provided. To us, the little things are just as important as the big things. We will exceed your expectations and provide top tier service on demand, on time, and on budget.

Low Voltage Cable Services

Our certified professional technicians install your low voltage wiring to meet your requirements. Low Voltage Cabling Services consist of: web of computer networks, fiber optics, HD video, voice, audio, and Wi-Fi cabling. 

Demarc Extensions

The Demarcation Point is the Data Communications entry point into your facility. This is the backbone of your building’s communications infrastructure. Learn how to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to secure and maintain it

Hardware & Software Upgrades

We install updated hardware & software or upgrade your retail or office systems to

 boost performance and efficiency, while also keeping your company safe from vulnerable cyber-security attacks and PCI compliance.

Remote Field Management

iDeploy stands apart from our competitors by offering Field Service Management services. No outsourcing. We handle organizing and optimizing operations performed out in the field while ensuring your operation to completion.

POS System Installation

From the network rack to the POS and everything in between, our qualified technicians will have your systems professionally installed to your specifications.

Surveillance & CCTV Security Installation

Make your business more secure with a Video Surveillance or CCTV Solution. Choose a system based on your building layout and individual need

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