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What are your customers seeking in today’s shopping, hospitality, entertainment, office, or medical experience?

Wi-Fi is an incredible way to stay connected remotely. Beyond just browsing your favorite social media channel, it can provide some substantial benefits. To stay competitive, a customer-oriented business should offer excellent Wi-Fi as a baseline amenity. Many of your customers are dependent on their remote devices, so it's important they have a reliable, speedy connection throughout their interactions within your business. Have you considered hotspots and internet in certain places like common areas where your guests and employees interact? With iDeploy’s IT and Wi-Fi strategies, your company can generate more revenue and see some serious return on investment.

BUSINESS WI-FI SOLUTIONS Installing Wi-Fi is not an easy DIY project. You will want to hire an expert IT service provider for the job, as it requires surveying and designing a cabling infrastructure that can support your network needs. Depending on the size of your business and network requirements, iDeploy will need to design a cabling system with enough access points to adequately cover the entire property. With our help, you can deploy a safe wireless network for your guests as well as your staff, ensuring that everyone feels welcome, secure, and satisfied. The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Wi-Fi at Your Location

  1. Enhanced Guest Experiences Generate Return Business

When you introduce a new amenity to your place of business, you’re enhancing the guest experience. The better the guest experience, the more profit you will make. Wi-Fi is an essential tool in today’s connected world, and in order to ensure your network offers the reliability and speed guests need, you should work with an IT professional. Guests who have a better experience will be more likely to return, which means you've earned their business. We all know that returning customers are better than new ones. With an ROI as high or higher than acquisition costs - it is simply good business! 2. Foundation For Efficiency In The Workplace With a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network, you can grow your business quickly without worrying about bandwidth constraints. To stay competitive in the industry, it is important to stay up to date and make sure your business has a strong reliable network to support new technologies. Hospitality POS systems and smart devices can help you offer better customer service while also reducing costs by automating certain tasks which would take up time otherwise spent dealing with them manually. The right high-speed Wi-Fi network and cabling infrastructure can support your growing needs, no matter how many people you hire. Even if you have multiple staff members using specialized POS systems, with the right hardware and software, your business can still expect reliable Wi-Fi coverage. 3. Tiered Packages for Business Travelers and Events Internet access is an essential element of any modern business. But if your business regularly hosts conferences and events, then you know a good internet connection is absolutely essential! The right connection can not only help you provide better service and attract more customers with its fast speeds, but it also gives your company a competitive edge by offering tiered Wi-Fi bundles for business travelers. While you may already have free Wi-Fi for all visitors in your business's public spaces, it would be beneficial to also offer packages of higher-speed downloads and connectivity for a flat or hourly fee. Business travelers who may require a more powerful connection to stream video calls or any convention-goer requiring your Wi-Fi for a presentation will be grateful for the opportunity of faster internet access and will likely take advantage of these packages. By simply having these Wi-fi packages available you’ve added a new opportunity for revenue and a return on investment. Wi-Fi Solutions Offer MORE than Just “Access to the Internet” A High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi network is your best solution if you’re looking to boost both customer satisfaction and revenue at the same time. A new wireless network will not only enhance your clientele’s experience and your return on investment, but it will also help support your business’s growing technological needs - from onboarding new staff members to upgrading your Point Of Sale and Security Systems. It’s important to remember, wireless networks are convenient and easy to use, but not as seamless to set up. For this reason, you will need an expert in networking who can design your system so it's fast enough for your business's needs while also providing excellent coverage throughout all areas of the building - even hidden corners where signal loss commonly occurs!

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