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Can Information Technology Expand Your Business?

Old VS New

The words “upgrade” or “update” can be initial shockwords for a business owner looking to cut costs. Or for owners who are not familiar with how to get the process started. But upgrading a system that is slower to a quicker, more efficient system will guarantee productivity, decrease miscommunication and allow your business to run smoother. Research shows that clients also favor updated technology, and that encountering systems that are slow or outdated diminishes their overall experience. In short, you can’t put a value on a system that not only helps you but also puts a smile on the client’s face who has to interact with it.

Improved Communication + Balanced Time Management

The internet and associated devices have made communication more advanced than ever before. But improved communication is also important so that your employees get the most important information to do their jobs, rather than getting bogged down with communication that isn’t helpful or distracting. As a business, you can organize your communication tactics and strategies around the available resources to make things move faster. You'll also be able to communicate more reliably via apps that timestamp emails opening on employees’ phones or you may even decide not to use email at all - instead communicating solely through group messages or notifications. There is no shortage of options available for efficiency!

The Cloud (Set Up Properly) Is Your Friend

The world of business is one that thrives on information technology. The enhancements in this area have led to an increase not only for productivity, but creativity as well-enabled by new technologies like cloud storage and communication networks which can be used anywhere with any device at any time. Now a document or file can be worked on by two people simultaneously across the world and larger files can be shared with ease. Cloud computing can be a more cost-effective and efficient way to provide resources for your business. Storage and the ability to access important files saves not only time but also increases efficiency. The cloud is now more important than ever to integrate into your business practice.

Extra Security Saves Money…

An average security hack can cost $200k on the low end for a small business and over $1 million for larger business, including loss of information, cost to fix and downtime. The long-term effects can be devastating and may prove deadly for a variety of businesses. To properly protect sensitive information and systems is more important than ever. For the life of your business, it’s important that you are aware of the risks to avoid.

… and Saves Your Company's Reputation.

Even if your company can recover from a loss of downtime, it also then has to recover from word-of-mouth damage if client information has been mismanaged. To avoid long-term consequences, it’s always advised to ensure that your clients’ information is properly protected and encrypted. Your clients will thank you for extending your services to their privacy. Technology is a huge part of today's business world, and it has become essential to have access to everything that advantage affords. The ability for employees, companies or organizations with an internet connection to improve their efficiency in so many different ways is important - from staying connected while on the go all day long, to collaborating remotely if they are located far away. To connect everyone to the focus and speed you expect your business to perform at, information technology is your key to that world.

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