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Advantages of Implementing Self Checkout Systems

With recent surveys citing two-thirds of shopping clients frequently using self-checkout options at stores, more and more companies are debating the implementation of this technology into their locations. We explore 4 advantages of making this a part of your strategy.

1. Additional Options for your clients

Self Checkout is hardly a new phenomenon, but as more and more companies seek to streamline their customer experience in store for higher satisfaction, they want to give them the best options for shopping. When surveyed, many clients have said that they prefer to use self-checkout for more intimate items so as not to be judged. Others want to just grab a couple of things and get on their way; self-checkout caters to their timely needs. As your business grows and expands its client base, you want to make sure you don’t leave these customers wanting. Or worse, avoiding your store for lack of options. Giving clients a method they prefer to check out meets the needs of additional clients for your business.

2. Speed increase the flow of traffic

The self-checkout has been proven to speed up the checkout process and reduce wait times. One of its best features is that it allows customers who are waiting in line at more than one register, rather than just being assisted by an employee in one line at a single register. A report by Raydiant in 2021 cited client opinion that using self-checkout was faster than waiting in line, with many customers also working faster themselves in the process to make that a reality. This helps your customers feel better about their service and creates fewer lines in your store for higher satisfaction. In the same Raydiant survey, 34% of clients intend to increase their use of self-checkout, so the experience can only get faster!

3. Less space is used with self-checkout

If you have a small space and notice that it's taking longer waiting periods for people to check out, then it might be a good time to consider migrating to self-checkout. With eight stations in total, there will only ever need to be one person working at each station. Making sure everything goes smoothly from start until finish without any downtime or problems! The year 2021 saw a 36% increase in self-checkout installation (Raydiant) among companies with clients feeling more comfortable and accepting of the approach. With more companies seeing the advantage of making room for more products and potential sales, it’s a win for the customers and for your business.

4. Room for technological growth

Self-checkout systems are the first step toward a larger growth opportunity to service your clients who walk in your doors. Already, many companies are experimenting with systems that utilize the latest technology to self-identify your item without the need for barcode scans. And it isn’t just companies who are pushing these advances. According to a recent survey highlighted in BusinessWire, 90% of customers were in favor of the checkout auto-identifying their items for checkout. This is a huge ask of clients, and, as the technology continues to improve, the experience of having these systems in your stores will only improve your customer satisfaction.

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